Vincent CAVEZ
Ph.D. Student, Paris-Saclay University

I am currently a third-year PhD student at Paris-Saclay University, and I am fortunate to work with Emmanuel Pietriga and Caroline Appert in the ILDA team.

My thesis subject is “Post-WIMP Interactive Data Manipulation” but I often call it by its core concept: “Structure versus freedom”. On the one hand, computers are known for their structured software that you can master using mouse and keyboard, and on the other hand, tablets offer a greater freedom of action thanks to the pen and touch inputs. If not designed carefully, tablets software fail to benefit from both structure and their own flexibility potential. Thus, I work on interactive techniques to bind together these two aspects and improve the workflow on spreadsheets, music scores and maps.


  • Interactive Surfaces
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Multi-Layer and Multi-Scale Contexts
  • Data Visualization and Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision


Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction
2021 - present
Paris-Saclay University
M.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering and Biostatistics
Paris-Descartes University
graduated with high honours
University Degree in Creation and Development of Innovative Start-ups
Paris-Saclay University
B.Sc. in Mathematics
Paris-Saclay University



Challenges of Music Score Writing and the Potentials of Interactive Surfaces
Vincent Cavez , Catherine Letondal , Emmanuel Pietriga , Caroline Appert
CHI, 2024
Spreadsheets on Interactive Surfaces: Breaking through the Grid with the Pen
Vincent Cavez , Caroline Appert , Emmanuel Pietriga
TOCHI, 2023
Vincent Cavez , Gustave Cortal , Corentin Loubet , Vรฉnissia Kay , Ignacio Baltazar Pรฉrez Messina
Universitรฉ Paris-Saclay, 2022


Egon : Creation of an Interactive and Intelligent Artefact in 5 days
Cryptics : R library for real-time cryptocurrency analysis